What was your most scary travelling experience?

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What was your most scary travelling experience?
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Do you have an example to share OP?

I've been not able to find my way back to my hostel at 2am in mid winter - that was scary.
Aggressive dogs are always pretty scary. Lots of instances of that.
Found a scorpion in my bed once.
Saw a guy shot in the street buy a security guard.
Saw an angry crowd outside where I was staying, which I avoided. Found out the next morning they had killed someone for repeated stealing (there was no police in this place).
The plane which took off before mine at a small airport crashed with no survivors.
Motorbike taxi at night with no headlights.
Tuktuk ride spent mostly dodging oncoming traffic - no idea how that guy was still alive if that's what he did every time.
The drug dealer who followed me for about an hour and then camped outside where I was staying. I think he was high himself - just irrationally determined to sell me drugs.
Getting lost at ~4000m. I wasn't that lost and we found our way back to the trail within about 20 mins, but for that time I was absolutely ******** it - getting lost at that altitude with how cold it was was surely not survivable. But not a big deal in the end.
A few other getting mildly lost on hike ones.

Honestly that last one was probably the most actual fear I felt, despite it probably being among the least risky of those situations! The fear of what could happen is generally more powerful than the fear of what does!
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my parents took us on holiday to Skegness once.......

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