I’m sick of being seen as awkward & quiet

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Im not sure how many people could relate to me on this but do you get sick and tired when people you interacted with especially the gender you’re attracted to always pointing you out for being awkward and quiet like you’ve committed a crime or you’re like some plague? The chances a small majority don’t pointed it out intent to hurt people like myself but the guilt and the shame still thrives inside of us.

I get told I should “talk more” as if that would make any difference because in a certain extent talking exposes actually exposes your awkwardness even more when it comes to stuttering, missing social cues, running out of things to say etc. Also based on passed experiences every time I open my mouth I either get told to shut, get talked over or get mocked by the way I speak.

There’s a stigma towards young men on not only the way they should look but the way they just behave as if you’re awkward then you’re automatically seen as some creep, but if it’s girl she’d get seen as cute. For all you sceptics that feel uncomfortable and uneasy around awkward people, I don’t blame you but you need realise that’s just small fraction of we got through during unfamiliar and new situations, it doesn’t define us how worthy we are as people.
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I can relate, and no I don't get sick and tired if people wish to have a bad opinion of me because of it then that's up to them I won't have anything to do with them, the few people that take the time to get to know me know I am worth the wait. As I get more famaliar with people (usually on 1 vs 1 or 2vs1 basis rather than a large group), I open up and then the conversation is more flowing, but it's does take a whilst to get to that stage.
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(Original post by RealLifeJoker)
but if it’s girl she’d get seen as cute.
Only if she's at least moderately good looking

t. ugly girl that's completely ****ing socially clueless

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