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Southampton Uni chat thread

i can't go down the Stags tonight, snooker practise n all :ninja:

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tonight is the freshers ball...
On campus at the University of Southampton
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woot freshers ball =D
freshers' ball ftw.
hah, i met nearly everyone from the meet at the fresher's ball xD

jonny, did you find your ID card?
no, it's still lost :frown:...I'm going to wait a few days. All the people I spoke to said that they'd email me if they found it - so I'll just wait it out for now, and then apply for a new one if it doesn't turn up...:s-smilie:
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The ball was the BEST thing ever!
I am possibleh selling a 'we are your friends' ticket.

Does anybody want it??
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I am also selling aforementioned ticket
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Or giving even... Because let's face it, it's KARAOKE TONIGHT! WAHAY
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Clearly the best choice on a Thursday night :biggrin:

It was the BEST night ever. Jesters reminds me of these two bars in my hometown, mixed together, but bigger better and cheaper!!!

75p for a shot, £2 for a double... I think any hope of passing my degree just went out le window
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I am still a Jesters virgin:-(
didn't you go to WAYF??
I did, and twas crappish, well we went untill just after 11 and twas still pretty empty then, so we went to Jesters.

I was a jesters virgin also, to the delight of other people I spoke to in there. We will have to go cloooop. Twas the best. Although I understand what people mean now when they say don't go there sober... :biggrin:
I enjoyed We are your friends :colondollar:
i stayed in :/
Oceana took a lot out of me on wedneseday (and not just my wallet)

oh yeah, any idea how to get to the Monte football pitch from Glen Eyre? i'm meant to have trials there tomorrow for the SUMS football team.
i dread going to Jesters on monday. :frown:
Any of you go to Yo! Mamas tonight?
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Errrrm no. But i've just got in! AHahaha. I'm so tired i'm shaking. Luuush
anyone off to fat poppadaddys this evening? It was wicked last week :yep:

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