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Southampton Uni chat thread

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Om nom nom I am eating vegan sausages and mash tis actually nice.

My mummy sent me easter eggs and aeros and mini eggs and chocolate pancake mix :frown:

When are we having our TSR fancy dress!! I demand before easter/
On campus at the University of Southampton
University of Southampton
We could do it on the last friday at Kinki? =D
Mustard dressing :hmmmm:
my username for the win, i just come as myself.
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ooooh no u dont!
union jack dress that geri wore :smile: get it onnn
I really contest holding the meet at Kinki. For it is ****. Jesters/Sobar ftw, clearly.
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Well, put it this way. I'm not doing fancy dress. :p:
JTM lobed your 25 things. Especially the one about Abecrombie and Fitch and Jack Wills, everytime I see it blazoned across someone I die a little inside and lose my faith in mankind.

Hmmm I reckon jesters/sobar would be better actually but I am easy, easy like sunday mornings.

P.S everybody should go to Orange Rooms tomorrow.
I'm going to Sobar for two people's birthdays tomorrow night, £1 doubles = very drunk captain... thank **** they're on the same day, going to the same place, I hate choosing between people!
What is this about tsr fancy dress?? Sounds fun!
@ Cloop


Yeah me martin narada edd and josh went! Was koooooooool!
Me edd and martin didn't go to sleep and left the halls at 6am to get a train :| I've just woken up!
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Haha, you dirty stop-outs!
I want to visit another uni :frown:

& I will write your room number down for emergencies!

Oliver you spoilsport :biggrin:
yup =D

I believe I out-texted you Chlo =D
My friend Alice is coming again this weeeeekend (Aisalice) and we're going to jezzzeerrrss saturday night in bin liner fancy dress. I've heard it's rubbish though (harharhar gettit)

I'm also in love with the song 'use your love' youtube it, the Outfield and KP versions.

For fancy dress I've decided I would come as Stephen Fry. Big glasses, suit, massive brain, oh I love him. I have been stalking him on twitter.

I hope you have all voted in the susu elections!!!
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I hope you all voted for Rees, Paterson & Max!
Asha because she gave me a glow stick at kinki :biggrin:
Okay, you actually win now Chlo :wink:
Wow aint posted here in time. Tsr party......hmmm maybe i could go as a star and wear yellow, lol. I voted today for asha too cause she seems nice and is in all my societies. Also vote steve o reilly for pres cause he has a great catchphrase and I met him and he seems like a cool dude.

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