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Hmmm... It sounds interesting! And I have also never heard of it!
I will go and investigate!

And i'm glad you all sort of get what i'm talking about with the home thing... Makes me feel less of a recluse freak :biggrin:

On campus at the University of Southampton
University of Southampton
I completely understand what you mean. When I go back to Lincoln now, it feels more like I'm on holiday...and the fact that it's so far away from Southampton just emphasises that...

Shakeaway. is. amazing. Basically, it's a milkshake shop, except it doesn't just offer normal milkshake flavours, like strawberry etc., you can choose like ANY chocolate bar, or ANY biscuit, or ANY sweet and have it blended up into a milkshake. Which means you can have like a Jammy Dodger Milkshake, or an Oreo Milkshake; and you can mix loads of them together if you want. Someone yesterday had a refreshers and Terry's Chocolate Orange Milkshake.

Although, i just wanted a cherry one yesterday, and I was conned into having it with lovehearts. I've never felt so sick in all my life.

Everyone was amazed that I'd never heard of Shakeaway, but the furthest north they have one is OXFORD! And that's clearly pretty southern still. They have them in Bath, Bristol, Southampton...most of the main southern cities. And the one in Southampton is in Bargate. Defo go go go.

Wow, I just spoke for three paragraphs about a milkshake shop. Time to get a life, methinks :w00t:

There's one in Plymouth too and they do soya ice cream and milk :smile:

We'll have to take you there Chlo, the Southampton one I mean!

Guys, I just woke up, went to bed at 12, I slept for 14 hours!!!! Straight through, that's how tired I was!!

Going out toniggghttt.... I think I need my sleep 'cause everywhere in plymouth closes at 5am, get chips, home for 6am. I'm in the habit of Soton closing at 2am for three months so I'm gonnna have to get back into mega P-town swinggggggg.

p.s they also have shakeaways in Australia and NZ.

And there's another milkshake shop in Soton called Monster Shakes which is an inferior equivalent.
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Shotgun Shakeaways for the TSR social!
Shotgun Shakeaways for the TSR social!

You can't shotgun until you see it...can you see the Shakeaway store in question? Tais-toi donc :p:
we have a shakeaway in croydon. i struggle with them, i really do! half way through and i'm like BLEURGH this is soooo rich!
I know this is old but I have not been on this in ages but.... OMGGGGG York City are off to Wembley!!!!11111!one. You guys glad to be home or you missing Southampton already?
SHAKEAWAY FTW. That is all I can say.

Oooh Cloop I love your idea!! We should experiment with alcohol-based Shakeaways, then we can drink yummy milkshakes AND get a little bit merry. Kill two birds with one stone!! :p:
I tried to make an Oreo milkshake, but my douchebag flatmates that we don't speak to have taken HALF of their blender home (or locked it in a cupboard or something...), meaning the main bit is taunting me with promised dreams of an oreo milkshake, but there's no base for it, so no power. :mad: :frown:
Oooooo I have a blender!!!!!!! An ex boyfriend bought it for me for our 2 year anniversary?! Random present, I think I wanted it at the time... Anywho I'll bring it back after easter and we could set up our own milkshake business!!!

This clocks going forward business has confused me sooooooooooooooooooooo much. I woke up up half 11 according to my phone... but it's actually half twelve right?! I got in at 4, but I actually got in at 5?! I don't like it! Stupid DORA!!!!!!!!!!

I have a feeling that after this week the novelty of home is going to where off and i'll be bored.... is anybody bored already?
Yay! Milkshakes galore!!

I love the clocks going forward...although it did **** my flatmate up though, who was still in bed at 12, but needed to be in work at WestQuay for 1...:erm:

I go home tomorrow!! :w00t: SO excited...but I've forgotten to pack so far...
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Wait what does the clocks going forward actually mean? Like what are the consequences?
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Also, JTM, did you choose what it says under your TSR name?? The vengeful blahblah bit
hour extra sleep
Noooo it means an hour less sleep. Just means the dayyyys are longer.

It was started in WW1 to save energy, make spying more difficult, reduce bombages and stuff under the Defence Of the Realm Act (lil bit of history knowledge for you all)
oh yeah.
the rest is a bit of a boree emma (sorry)
Also, JTM, did you choose what it says under your TSR name?? The vengeful blahblah bit

No man, that's like a set user-title shizzle. Long gone are the days of me being able to afford a custom user-title :frown:
oh yeah.
the rest is a bit of a boree emma (sorry)

:frown: :mute: I thought it was interesting :puppyeyes:
i went to bed at 5.15 this morning, having had 4 hours sleep in the previous 48. Woke up at 1 which wasn't too bad, will be returning to normal times of sleep this evening =D

I'm going up to Oxford for a few days in a couple of weeks, and I have my second Countdown audition IN SOUTHAMPTON on the 15th. I'm so excited :woo:
lol thanks for the rep emma :smile:

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