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Southampton Uni chat thread

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ewwwwwwwww. is that a sexual-organ reference shebz, you big perv

i do love fruit though.

go on everyone; if you had to describe yourself with a fruit, what would you be?

No it wasn't actually ... you sicko. :frown:

I'm going to stand by plum. :yes:
On campus at the University of Southampton
University of Southampton
Probably a peach, because i'm a gert big softie :teeth:
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Watermelon! Hard on the outside and soft watery guy on the inside /lame XD
pineapple - because if i style my hair in a certain way, i generally resemble one. :emo:
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JTM, come visit
Is anyone gonna be in Southampton a fortnight tomorrow? :emo:
yep. =D

After all, i'm always in Soton.
JTM, come visit

You havent replied to my messages on facey b you pineapple...where are you? xx
I'll be in Soton...
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st jean de monts, nantes. always room for you here if u want to come x
I'm back!
I can't be bothered to read through 5 weeks of posts so can someone give me a brief rundown of what's happened pretty please?

I've been working at a international language school in Bournemouth for 5 weeks. Was absolutely amazing. Although the last weeks I worked nights, which was amazingly fun but also means I haven't slept for 72 hours and am running on 12 pro plus and multiple cans of red bull.

Im back now though. I was going to come back to Southampton early September but I don't think I can anymore.
yay you're back ^_^ :hugs:
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wb emma x

You haven't missed anything. :smile:
Yeah you've not missed much hemmerz. i'm working 40+ hour weeks myself so it's not all rosy. heading up to Soton for a couple of days next week though :smile:
Any of y'alll from Manchester?! I'm heading up there next week, wondering if there is anything good to do there.
Erm, i've been to Manchester once (for Countdown filming about 6 weeks ago).

The Salford quays are nice to walk around during the day, pretty shady at night though. :colonhash:
Actually, I am from Manchester. Seriously, I was born there. However, as I moved away when I was 7, my knowledge is limited to where the Early Learning Centre is. I went there a couple of months ago, and it's big and scary now :puppyeyes:

And welcome back hemmerz...why cant you come to Soton in September? IM GNA B DER :teeth:
Bless little J moose. I take it you are not enjoying France from your statuseseses?

Thankss :smile: good to be back!

Um it's a long and personal story, I will PM you dearest.

My bf is coming down in 45 minutes all the way from Sussex... Uni life and home life mixing... scary!!

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