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Oh yes i have had alot to drink and cant sleep as someone is mauling a cat outside my house or the cat is trapped in a hedge so for some reason my 1st idea was to come here.
On campus at the University of Southampton
University of Southampton
Good call.
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Did I actually get your last name right? I was worried I would fail!

And... toonbarmy?? Why do you support Newcastle if you're from York?
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I have family in newcastle and they took me to my first live footy match which was at st james' and they are die hard toon fans. I do also support York City but as both are as bad as eachother i stick with the toon.
I'm STILL awake :cry:
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Dedication my friend is a cruel mistress. I bet you are dead shattered now!!
Jonny, i tried pulling an all-nighter AFTER going out on the lash on tuesday, i had an exam on wednesday morning. suffice to say, i just about stayed awake long enough to finish it.
I am still here, working...:hmpf:

I hope you are very very tired for your attack on KC. :shifty: If I did open a lesbian commune she would be our deity.

I just woke up, 12 hour sleep, oh yes!!

I cannae decide whether to go to Kinki or not tonight. Over half my housemates have gone homeeeeeeee, the other has his girlfriend visiting so will be off the radar untill she leaves! There's only two of us left who go out... Hmm decisions decisions.

And I have no lectures untill Tuestag. 4 day weekend!!!
i envy all of you.

20 lectures a week is NOT funny. Especially when there's a 9am or 10am every day :|
I've already had 4 lectures today and i'm due to have 3 more.

I'm going to have to dip into my overdraft this weekend too :/ i'm owed 200 quid so i'll have to chase dat shizz up innit.
As for Kinki, i'll see wot ma crew iz doin. Dey'z eeder gonna Kinki o Fat Poppa's it up like.

Enough Chavtalk...back to work ...
I'll be there tonight too, i hope no-one else lets the side down :wink:

just kidding. i've just finished beating the new Guitar Hero already :redface:
anyhow...see y'all laters.
I got to bed at 10am in the end, and had to get up four hours I'm going for a nap :tongue:uppeyes:

Not Kinki'ing it this week, seeing as bar mini-me, it was a pile o' craaaaaap last week!
I'm gonna give kinki a miss too, too much work and it really didn't think it was all that last time too.
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all i can say is you guys clearly are not drinking enough!
lol, last time i had pre drinks at the stags and everything, i dunno maybe i just prefer jesters. You can always get wasted at jesters!
oh well Clo, at least there'll be two of us :p:
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I have the (mis)fortune of going to Jesters tonight. Hopefully the group will see sense and go to Sobar instead.
Oli, I think I saw you in the library cafe yesterday. Gone off Piazza already? :p:

Tbh, Piazza has some-what degraded this year - they've taken down many of the decent meals such as The Big Brunch :frown:
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I went to OC tonight ... don't is my advice to you lovely people.

An absolute solent cockfest. Probably would have caught herpes off the few and far between females. The only saviour of the night was the subway i had before getting a taxi home.

at the end of the day ... should have probably gone to kinki.
OC/jesters mondays, Oceana wednesdays, Kinki fridays :yes:

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