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Shush. I'm going to try and avoid getting mine until the last minute. Know for a FACT that I failed. Come on, spit it out - what did you get?
And who are you referring to exactly? My little non-quoted friend :biggrin:



Well, seeing as you asked, I got 70. :cool:

As for who I'm referring to? Well...I won't say it explicitly on here, but I think we discussed a certain few people before? Them plus certain others...
On campus at the University of Southampton
University of Southampton
I bought tickets for four other people who decide to tell me NOW at 5pm when i can't get hold of anyone to sell them to that they don't want to go any more. BASTARDS.

P.S. anyone want a ticket? I'll discount the cost to a fiver, in advance the tickets were 7.50 and on the door they're a tenner =]
A ticket for what...?
Valentines Ball?
When be it
Tonight :P At the Cube.
Cant gwan. Soz bruvla
Cant gwan. Soz bruvla

No problem. If i get desperate i can ask one of the bouncers to sell them for me.
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Wait, how many do u have@? I will ask my housemates x
Hang on a sec, i'm waiting to see if my flatmate's brother's friends want some (her brother is 21 today xD)
If i do have spares, there will be up to 4, so that would be for yourself, Cleggy, Foster and Isna (sp?) i take it? :p:
It's like a two day drive, today and tomorrow, the times are 5.15-7.15 today

and 2.15-4.15 tomorrow and 5.15.-7.15

And yeah I think you can just turn up :smile: I am anyway! Yaaay free coffee and biscuits.

Chloe you ARE homewrecker. I am joking. I still don't know what is going out, long long chats, will find out soon.. ooooooooooo.

What time you going love?
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Don't worry about it cusscuss, they cannae be bothered to sair tonight. But boa sorte with getting rid of them!

Hemmerz, apparently Fozzer saw them this arvie walking hand in hand, and she was shocked at the fact he had a girlfriend! Hahahaha.

Anyway, are you doing le quiz? If so please can I join your team as mine are all leaving me!

Love to all merry men
I'm not even going any more, i'm really depressed now cos i was REALLY looking forward to it.
now the ticket-selling is in the hands of my flatmate whose brother's 21st it is.
I'm stuck here now trying to do this goddamn question on Markov Chains for the 15th time. I'm going to eventually get the right answer whether it likes it or not.

You going to Kinkz tomorrow? I might join you there instead, or i might be going to Whitehouse/Orange Rooms, or i might just be a sad, lonely depressed so-and-so and stay in feeling sorry for myself again :frown:
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Come to Kinki with us :smile: Pre-drinks at mine!

(that applies to everyone else n'all)
suddenly i am going again now. i was threatened with being stripped and changed by my flatmates, which i'm sure i would have appreciated more than them. i'll let you know how it goes :smile: have a good night y'all.
Might pop in clo
EMPTY hmph.

shotgun Kinki tomorrow. Traffic light party again =D
i might pop over clo, if i do do you mind if i bring marko and his girlfriend [and possibly a couple of others?]
Eugh, 9ams :mad:
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Lol no problem! My housemates are pretty much all going home so the more people the better!

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