Friends with my ex

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Hi, so a short history, I was with my ex for just less than a year and we split up. It was a complete shock to me when we did because I thought everything was going great. I had no idea that she had been speaking to other people about me and so I was the last to learn what was wrong.

We had some time apart and then decided to become friends. She asked me to go for drinks with her and some of our other friends but then that never materialised, she did moan that none of them got back to her. In all honesty I do think I was invited to try and get the mutual friends to go. She has lied about a relationship she is in and still thinks I am unaware which I find really strange. And when I go talk to her about things she never seems to be able to be happy for me or encourage me.

It sounds like I should just walk away, but she made a big deal about us being friends again and how important it all was to her. She has mental health issues and she every so often talks to me about that. I would worry about her if I walked away from it all and I would feel bad. I always said that if we had any issues in the friendship then we should just talk about them, but I still feel like I am walking on eggshells around her.
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I have been in a similar situation. Try to have an honest conversation about the things that are troubling you about your friendship relationship.

Confront her gently about the fact that she is dishonest about her current relationship, and about the lack of effort you feel on her part for you two to stay friends.

If there is nothing more that can be done and she dodges you questions just leave it will be better for you
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I think I am going to have to speak to her. To be honest I was happy to not be friends anymore but she was very persistent about being friends and I felt bad because I know she doesn't really have any. I just am finding how she is acting really strange since she tried so hard for us to be friends again.

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