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I will try to be brief,
At GCSE I achieved 8 GCSE grades at 4/C, 1 GCSE science B grade and an A* in GCSE Art, I later achieved A pass grade at a UAL L3 extended diploma in Art and Design (at my local college). Nearly a year after finishing my course, and having had the pandemic put everything on hold during that time, somehow bizarrely I ended up working in the NHS on a Coronavirus ward.

Now having recently left the NHS recently due to a family issue and having to be closer to home for a few months.

I now have no idea in what direction to head, I am considering for the first time applying to University (London College of Communication to be specific) and really feel I may have bundled any chance of getting on the course this year, and feel completely lost having had my life on hold for a year. This is the best I can explain my situation any advice is welcome.
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I disagree that you have no direction.
A pandemic hit. You chose to go work on a coronavirus ward. Doesn't matter if you weren't directly treating anyone, a world class surgeon etc, the NHS was in a crisis and you put yourself in the middle of that crisis. That's quite a noble direction to go in! Even your choice to leave is a good direction to go in. You want to support your family through the issues they're currently facing.(Of which I do wish you and your family well and hope the issues are resolved soon). Both of those things are great to put on a university application if that is what you choose. Remember the universities were also impacted by the pandemic. They know that some people will have delayed applying till things were looking better. I don't think you've ruined your chances of getting in. I know someone who is on their fourth attempt at their first year of uni. If they keep getting university places, I'm sure you can. I'm not entirely sure on the ins and outs of UCAS, but I don't think applications for 21/22 entry close till September. Why not just pop in an application to University even if in the end you decide it isn't for you.
It isn't that your life has no direction, I think you've found yourself at a metaphorical crossroads and right now, you're just choosing the direction. Use any time you have to choose the direction that's right for you!

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