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Hey guys,
So I have my a level biology exam on Monday and it’s a paper 3. I have no idea how to guide my revision. It’s currently Thursday. I’ve been so focused on my other 2 subjects (chem and maths) that I haven’t given bio much thought. PLEASE HELPPP. How should I direct my revision for the weekend???

Thanks xx
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I've just finished my exams, and found the following effective:

Synoptic essay preparation should focus around structuring, and finding commonalities between past paper questions in terms of their breadth of subject matter relevance - in other words, which are the topics which are most likely to be relevant to either of the synoptic essay questions. Biolological molecules, for one, is great, as it's almost always relevant in an answer. Ensure that you're able to hit the key points within a topic - I did this by verbalising concise phrases to myself that included accurate A level terminology.

I prepared for all papers by printing out every single available past paper + mark scheme, and then running through each question in my head, mentally composing an answer and checking it against the mark scheme. I then stapled the mark scheme's answer onto the question paper, in reverse, so that I could use them as exam 'flash cards'. For me, this felt more beneficial than simply learning topics, as in past papers I'd set myself, I lost the majority of marks due to the specificity of mark schemes, or misinterpreting the question.

I used coloured stickers to mark each question depending on difficulty, and then sorted them according to this. That way, I could focus on answering questions that I'd lost the most marks on, which allowed me to quickly recognise where my weaknesses were.

I hope this helps!

** Basically, bash out past papers - the grade boundaries are relatively low in biology due to the specificity of the mark scheme. Especially AQA!**
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