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Can someone please help me improve this? I feel like the tone doesn’t match a news article.

‘People have become obsessed with travelling ever further and faster. However, travel is expensive, dangerous, damaging and a foolish waste of time!’
Write an article for a news website in which you argue your point of view on this statement.
Book a ticket and just leave.
Naomi’s life was in a predicament up until she met Roy. But just how did everything unfold? Merely a year ago she was fired from her job; an institution where she’s worked for five years! She couldn’t pay her bills, rents or taxes. She was devastated! That was when she decided to leave everything behind, sell her house (which wasn’t hers, she inherited it) and travel the world. In her last stop - Greece - she met Roy. They are currently exploring the mysterious and peculiar pyramids of Egypt.
Initially, in a recent survey conducted by BBC, 39% said that they travel to have an adventure. Now, I know it may be hard to juggle work life with travelling. Yet, you only live once. Don’t you want to live your best life? Scientists have concluded that our sense of happiness increases even before we start our journey. Why? We look forward to it! We look forward to climbing the Machu Picchu at 5 am, or wearing a traditional saree and roaming in the streets of India or even getting wild with lunatics in Las Vegas! Adventure pauses hold to an invariant lifestyle; it adds sprinkles of excitement in the monotony of life. Furthermore, adventures also allow you to challenge yourself - to test yourself. One in three have stated that travelling has pushed their limits and has gotten them out of their cocoon of comfort zone. You’ll discover how resourceful you are when you are exposed to new locations (when ordering meals in an Italian restaurant when you don’t even speak Italian, for example) or how keen your communication skills are. Overcoming challenges brings bliss and fuels the plethora of people to conquer the biggest challenge of all. Life.
Secondly, memories are another reason why travelling is even more alluring. Memories are part of who we are. Part of our identity. The immense growth in technology permits us to store everything in our phones: photographs, videos, etc. What is better however is that we can revisit Singapore, Spain or San Francisco whenever we want just by opening the photo album. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t smile while scrolling through pictures of friends being drunk and singing along at a Dua Lipa concert in Toronto? You see yourself - exhilarated and erupting with energy! And you relive this happiness. Remember eating Samosas for the first time? The fervent festival in Florence? The minuscule second-hand bookshop on Blueville street! These cherished memories are precious stories you can tell your children or grandchildren one day. Now I think we can all agree that these treasured memories are stories you want to tell your grandchildren and not stories about how strenuous your 9-5 job is...
On the other hand, some people will argue that travelling is expensive and a foolish waste of time. Something extremely overestimated. However, I strongly disagree with this assertion. In the past, travelling to different parts of the world was not affordable for everyone, though nowadays plane tickets are cheaper, and can fit different budgets according to what we want. Moreover, travelling is real-life education. It is inconceivable to forget the things you learn - unlike school - because you live them. Every destination has something unique to teach visitors, and immersing themselves in a completely different world is the best learning experience; better than the tedious geography class. Let me tell you that the more you learn about and expose yourself to diverse cultures (be it a tribe in South Africa or a cult in Sri Lanka) the more you value and respect them. Travelling is also an opportunity to learn a new language or polish up a language you already know - meaning you can finally stop using Google Translate once and for all! Also, making new friends in different countries can teach valuable stories and memorable lessons. I believe that we can all now agree that travelling comes with an abundance of advantages.
To conclude, I hope that you have taken on board everything I have said today. Look at Naomi. Travelling has changed her life forever. She now works as an Instagram influencer and travels the world with her soon-to-be husband, Roy. Yes, husband! What is more gratifying for her that she managed to combine her hobby with her job; she does what she loves the most and earns a vast sum of money. Travelling was her cure! Do you still think that travelling is detrimental?

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