i want to work again but i’m not sure what to head into as someone with SA

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i’m quite an anxious person and i’ve decided to try working again. i had worked last summer as a waiter and absolutely hated it especially during the eat out to help scheme. socially i feel like i lack a lot of skills and over time i gained a few whilst working but i haven’t worked since last summer so i’m very nervous in finding a job again that doesn’t make me my mind instantly turn it away. i was wondering if anyone could help, thanks.
I don't know what country you're coming from but I work as a cleaner during the summer months (around college), for a cleaning company in Dublin, Ireland. I wouldn't say that I struggle with social anxiety at all really, but I can definitely see how working as a waiter could be extremely anxiety inducing when you do have SA! So I have every sympathy for you. Working for a cleaning company means not having great hours (in that it's only possible to get part time work, because of the travel to and from people's houses), But, and here's the big but, I'm self employed. Which means I have to pay my own taxes (not super fun- I get my mum to help me), but it also means I get to chose who I work for and what kind of cleans I do. So for example, if I choose to only accept ongoing cleans, that means cleaning for the same people over and over again. Which might mean having to interact with a maximum of 5 or 6 people a week- but after the first week of cleaning for them, they're no longer new. Do you find your social anxiety gets worse if you have to interact with a lot of new people all the time? And some of them might want to talk/chit chat a bit at the beginning while I'm coming in the door, or just ask me how I am, while others just say ''this is what I want you to try and clean. Here are the cleaning products''- and then you're left on your own for the two or three hours, or however long you're cleaning for. Either they go off to another room while you're cleaning and leave you to it, or they actually leave the house, and got to work or go for a walk or something. And then I'm completely on my own, with my bluetooth earphones on, listening to music and scrubbing away.
Don't know if that kind of job/work sounds appealing to you, even as something to go on with?

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