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Hello guys. My first post here.

I am a final year undergraduate biology student from India. I actually want to join the military as a commissioned officer very soon. I am 20 years old, and I am about to graduate college. However, I am in sort of an existential crisis as I remember how I actually grew up to who I am now. I initially wanted to be an engineer (a coder to be exact) for some time before applying for the police (not the military), then I wanted to become a medical doctor and in the process I discovered how the military has HIGH standards for medical fitness. As someone who wears glasses, I am not disqualified but I feel sad.

To clarify, I've researched everything, from criminal record to past drug use. No, I do not have a criminal record. No, I never used any non-prescription drugs but my memory does deceive me sometimes, I think everybody's in the same boat as me. However, in case I cannot become a military officer, I'd love to become a medical scientist. My degree is in Zoology, by the way, and I believe I can do Masters in Genetics, Biotechnology or Zoology. I want to help the world make a better place, if it's not me joining our military, it'll be someone else because of me, that's what I hope. The burden of disease is what I hate the most in this world.

So, as I said already, I am NOT learning medicine, however, isn't it true that basic sciences such as biology (say even zoology), help medical doctors in the long run to reduce the global burden of diseases? Casually speaking, if I want to become a medical scientist do I need strictly a degree in the field of Genetics, Biotechnology, in the UK (for the sake of brevity), or is a Masters' in Zoology okay to help us discover the pathophysiology of diseases in the long run? I don't want to spend the rest of my life researching something that will have less than 10% relevance to diseases, if that was the case, I'd graduate in Geology or Botany or something. To sum it up

1) I want to become a military officer, I am a 20 year old from India.
2) I know how to become one, medical fitness for example is a must.
3) Due to some personal problems I could not become a medical doctor
4) Now thinking about medical fitness, I think if I cannot join our military or police due to POSSIBLE but UNLIKELY medical UNFITNESS I'd rather contribute to our understanding of diseases as a medical scientist.
5) My degree will be in Zoology, which is strictly not related to human biology but regardless I can do Masters' in Genetics, Biotechnology and Zoology, which should I pick? Isn't Zoology relevant to medicine as much as Genetics? After all it is highly nation-dependent I guess but will my degree in Zoology be useless to contribute to molecular biology? I'd say our University is not light on human biology but I still have my doubts. After all, don't zoologists also contribute to medical literature?

Thank you. That's all. Have a good day.
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I don't think this belongs in the chat section.......maybe try the universities forum?

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