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Hi I know Warwick has a very strong reputation for Economics/Business/Finance related areas in the UK, probably better than Edinburgh, but does Edinburgh have a better international reputation for that area of study simply because it is more well-known and in a capital city, plus ranks better on overall world rankings. I have applied for Economics and received offers from both unis and would need to firm one of them...this would greatly aid me in making my final decision. Just for some context, I am an international student, and I have also received an offer from King's College London. Personally, I would have preferred KCL since it is in London and I loveee the city + networking opps, but despite their relatively high overall world ranking I am unsure of how good KCL is for Economics/Business/Finance compared to Warwick and Edinburgh. Also, which out of the 3 mentioned unis would you recommend and why? Thankssss :P
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Hi, I've also applied for econ and i'm also an International student. Personally I want to work in the UK in the near future so I care most of their reputation in their country and warwick is the best, followed by Edinburgh and KCL (I think edin could be better just because the course at KCL is new).
If you want to work abroad my suggestion is to do a year abroad in an uni in that country
These are the destination for each uni
Edinburgh: (is a file)
Unfortunately I don't know the reputation for many uni but in my home country, Italy, Bocconi, is the best which warwick and KCL has the opportunity to go there. While in the USA, Warwick has the best connections with Cornell, which is an ive, and the UC system. KCL has the opportunity to go to an UC uni but not to, Berkley or UCLA. From Edinburgh you can go to the UC but i'm not sure if it's possible for econ
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