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i really struggle with writing what the examiners actually want from me, does anyone have advice/tips on how to get better at this paper 2 english language, currently i just get around level 2 or level 3 at a push in my answers and i really struggle with it particulary not knowing the definitions of many words in the inserts. was anyone else in this situation? how do i get better?
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So for question 5, you want to include a wide variety of punctuation. I always aim to use everything in the introduction and conclusion - doesn't matter if its not varied throughout the whole answer just as long as you showcase all punctuation in the start and end. You want to show you have control over the structure so it can be effective to use a one sentence paragraph. I always like to write something like "So what can we do to promote vital change?" in a paragraph on its own. They also want to see if your writing is suited to the purpose so I'd always directly reference the audience - reader if a magazine etc. It can be useful to pick a certain group out from the audience so if its a school speech, deliberately reference students, teachers, parents. Then I'd include one method- either just one simile or personification. Always create a strong viewpoint!!!! never sit on the fence

To get in the higher levels for question 4, you want to discuss why the writers may be of this viewpoint and perhaps what they're viewpoints are outside of the text. So if the text was focused around why the dislike teenagers on the bus, perhaps they always dislike teenagers because of previous negative experiences. Always explore quotations in detail and make alternative interpretations when possible - even if it seems silly just make the point if you can prove it. If you struggle to understand certain words, don't worry. Just pick out the easiest quotations which you can explore the most out of - you don't need loads and loads of quotations - i normally discuss 2 or 3 quotations from each source.

They're the questions that carry the most marks so getting these 2 correct and to the highest level matter the most. Hope that helps a little and makes sense ahahah.

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