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Anybody thinking of applying to this course ? Or anyone already enrolled and have any opinions on its quality ?
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(Original post by CliffdogG)
Anybody thinking of applying to this course ? Or anyone already enrolled and have any opinions on its quality ?
Hi CliffdogG,

It's great to hear that you're thinking about taking one of the online masters courses through Keele. As you've probably seen from the website, whilst the courses are designed to be 100% online, you'll still benefit from the teaching of a university rated TEF Gold for teaching excellence.

You might find it helpful to chat to one of our existing Computer Science students. Thijs is one of our third year undergraduates taking a combined degree in Computer Science and Music Technology. Whilst Thijs is studying in-person - and on the undergraduate programme - I'm sure they'd be happy to share their experiences of the staff and the teaching quality within the computer science department at Keele. You can chat to Thijs via Unibuddy using this link:

You can also use Unibuddy to chat with one of our current lecturers within the department - Dr Marco Ortolani:

I only have experience of Keele as a postgraduate being taught in person but I love it there. I enjoyed my MA (in English Literatures) so much that I stayed to do my PhD. One of the main reasons for that was the teaching quality and the staff - I felt as if the staff genuinely wanted to help me succeed and never felt I couldn't approach them to talk about any aspect of my course. Obviously my experience is with a different department however - and was in person rather than online - so I'd recommend chatting to Thijs and to Dr Ortolani to get a feel for the department who run the online MSc that you are looking at.

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Currently doing undergraduate computer science at Keele not an online version but because of lockdown restrictions and our modules moving online may have had some similarities in the previous year, Honestly in terms of quality I'd recommend you look more for university's like Lancaster. Keele's computer science courses have always felt like a second thought to it's medicine courses with lecture material often being out of date/not relevant to current industry methods and only teaching the bare minimum which just feels like a small step above A-Level. Many but not all of the programming modules are just built up from W3school lessons and use practical sheets from other sources rather than being bespoke for the course you are taking. If you haven't done any computer science before then I'd say Keele would be for you as even their advanced courses don't require too much background reading to understand otherwise look elsewhere, The teaching hours at Keele for computer science are also very low compared to other universities and when you combine that with quality of the material I'd say Keele isn't very good value for money for Computer Science even for the ~7K they're asking for the online Masters courses. Where it does excel is in it's excellent students union and large campus location but these may not be applicable for you if you're doing an online course and are not within traveling distance to the campus.
For those who have done computer science at Keele 16% responded being assumed to be unemployed 6 months after graduation which is rather high for a computing course. the computer science course is also often ranked low in university rankings for world wide and UK based universities if that's worth anything to you.

One thing I would say as a positive is that the lecturers are very likeable, know what they're doing and are happy to answer emails on any issues you may be running into and usually get back to you within a few hours or days.

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