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I’ve been trying to loose weight since December and it was working at first and then in mid February it just completely stopped and I didn’t start loosing again till April but it was very little about 3 pounds that whole month and 2 this month. So all together I’m almost down 2 stone but I’m not happy with it because it took forever and because it’s still so slow I either loose 1 or 2 pounds once every two weeks or I loose nothing or I gain a pound or two. It’s making me frustrated I’m just on a calorie deficit of 1200 and my weight is 67 kg at the moment and I’m 5’4 female and 18. I work out using a treadmill, weights and core exercises about 3 times a week but I am trying to aim for 5 and I wasn’t restricting at all in the beggining and then I did restrict and was loosing basically nothing now I’m back to not restricting yet it’s still so slow even though my metabolism hasn’t slowed down. I’m thinking I should lower to 1100 calories, is that okay? Or should I up my calories my goal is to loose about 2 stone by July and I’m fully determined and will do anything. Also I don’t really see changes anymore even though I’m taking pics Everytime I weigh myself so I don’t think I’m gaining muscle.
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Whenever you lose weight, it’s easier to lose it at the start than later on. This is because as your body gets used to the exercise your metabolism lowers (it also lowers because you weigh less so less energy is used to do the same activity), so you need to do more work to burn the same number of calories. Another thing to take into account is hormones - hormones can really cause your weight to fluctuate, also water intake, bloating, what time of the day you weigh yourself, how much you’ve eaten etc all play a part (though in my experience hormones are the main factor). Have you been weighing yourself at the same time of day and have you been aiming to drink a certain amount of water per day? If so, those factors are less likely to be influencing your fluctuating weight. As a suggestion weigh yourself either right when you wake up or maybe 20-30 mins after (you can sometimes be bloated when you wake up, causing you to weigh more).

I know you mentioned that you take pictures when you weigh yourself so don’t think your gaining muscle but I find this very unlikely, especially given you lift weights. Any exercise will cause you to burn fat and replace the fat with muscle over time. Muscle is heavier than fat, hence why very fit athletes often weigh much more than the average person of the same height who is less fit. This would also explain why you were losing weight at the start (you were burning fat) but then started to lose less weight (while you’re still burning fat, the fat is being replaced by muscle).

In terms of your 1200 calories per day, this is quite unhealthy - you need roughly 2000-2500 calories per day to provide enough energy for your body to function properly. Maybe instead of limiting calories focus more on eating better (it may sound like the same thing but I’ll explain more). If you’re limiting your calories you may be having 1 proper meal per day and snacking through the rest of the day or something similar. Eating healthily would mean having a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe occasional (2-3 per day) snacks per day that are also healthy. By doing this you will be providing your body with healthy food, which will give you more energy. Also, calorie deficits can be the opposite of beneficial when you’re trying to lose weight because it can reach a point where your body goes into ‘starvation mode’ and then causes you to gain weight that you wouldn’t gain by eating healthily because your body basically starts to worry that food will disappear and so makes plans for if that happens, including transforming most of the food you eat into fat so that, if needed, it can get energy from the fat if it stops getting food.

I understand that you’re trying to lose weight so are probably very focused on the number on the scales. I saw something about a specific type of scales that doesn’t only measure your weight, but also gives your body fat % and muscle mass and things like that which are more important than weight (going back to the fit athletes weighing more than people who you would expect to be much heavier than them). You might want to have a look into this as it may help you understand how your body is responding to you trying to lose weight and you may be reassured by seeing the body fat % going down, even if your overall weight isn’t going down as fast as you may like.

Another thing I’ll mention is that sometimes you can’t really see any difference between photos that are taken quite close together. If you compare your most recent photo to one taken 5/6 weeks ago you may be able to see a much more noticeable difference.

I don’t know if this has really answered your questions but I hope it explains what may be happening and why your weight loss isn’t linear

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