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I'm looking at chemistry degrees such as
Chemistry with industrial training year Mchem
and Chemistry with industrial training year BSc

I'm Y12, if I applied for one of these in my applications and are accepted does that mean I'm guaranteed the industrial training year.
Also if they rejected the application could they offer the course without the placement year, so I only have to make one application to Newcastle.
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Hey, I did an industrial placement year. If you get on the placement course, you will need to find your own placement, the course doesn't guarantee you a placement. If you don't get a placement, you can just fill in a quick form and transfer back to the standard course BSC. The courses are exactly the same. I only applied for a Placement year standard undergrad one. If you wanted to apply for both the masters and the undergrad one you could, but you can also switch between them when you're there too.
Off topic but just so you know, the integrated masters is different, its not a full masters so make sure you're happy not having a full masters.(integrated masters is 120 credits for the masters year and 9 months long, vs a full masters is 180 credits and a year long)
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