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I'm in my late teens and I've noticed that whenever I wear a bra, one side is half empty and the other is seriously 'spilling' out. I'm an A/B (in between) and D. It's becoming a daily problem, I can't not wear one because it's too uncomfortable and it's very noticeable.
I've read 'everyone has asymmetry, don't worry about it' but then the comments say 1/2 a cup size difference and it makes me feel like I'm kind of deformed. The worst thing is no one in my family seems to have this problem so it makes me wonder why me?
Is there anyone out there with something similar? How did you overcome the frustration and problem with clothes? Did you manage to 'fix' it? (without surgery) Is there a way to make the difference less visible? How do I go about it?
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Ahh same, well not as much of a difference, maybe like one size, but it makes it kinda uncomfortable to wear. I usually just adjust each strap differently.
I think there is a way to get bras that are made to measure, so you can make each cup the correct size for you.
I am sure its nothing that needs an operation! You are finee, just as long as you are comfortable.
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i have the same problem! one of mine fills a DD cup and the other barely fills a D. So i buy a DD bra and fill the smaller cup with “chicken fillet” inserts.
also if u adjust the straps and make it tighter on the smaller side that can help balance them out.
I’ve looked at surgery to try and fix the problem and it’s either an implant in the smaller breast or reduction in the bigger breast. An implant would mean getting surgery again in 10-20 years to get new ones or remove them so i think i would prefer the reduction in the bigger breast. However i’ve read that they have to reposition the nipple and this may affect breast feeding. So for now i’ll just use chicken fillet inserts lol. You can get these from Primark or ebay/amazon.

Don’t worry your problem is pretty common!! good luck

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