Advice after getting battered at a party

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At a party with 40 people. My exs party.

Im a college ex which was 2 years ago and I've been with other people since.
Good vibes to start with.
At the party Her boyfriend noticed I was speaking to my her (my ex) . She was getting close I backed up into a wall to keep space but she was very close to me so it doesn't look good. We barely even spoke for alot of the night so this is why I was very confused. Im respectful and would never do anything like that. I'm good friends with them both and there's never been any problems between us.

They leave and probably had a chat outside

I'm chilling in the lounge. Her(my ex's) big stocky dad says "get the **** out the house"
"**** off now get out" he shouts.

Voices in the back are just like just get your stuff and go. I am very confused.

I get my stuff. He apologizes turns out it was a misunderstanding and says sorry after people explain things in another language to him he doesnt speak good English. And then we have shots together and chill for abit.
1 hour passes

I walk another girl home. We make out.

I return to the remaining party . Her brother is there and says don't speak to (name) (my ex) or ill lever you, I can't remember the exact exchange but it was aggressive from him and provoked me I'm normally very calm but alcohol was in me. I go to step into the house and he holds me back and says I'll lever you if u do or do anything.( It was either he would or her boyfriend would but the word lever was used ) and don't speak to her. I push him back and throw my plastic bottle at him and say dont speak to me like that I've done nothing.
Her dad comes and holds his arm out and I push it away and say dont speak to me like that I've done nothing.

I go collect my phone and stuff to leave as I'm going at that point I had enough

Her boyfriend comes I had no time to react and I was had alot to drink and I get pushed to the ground and punched many times in the face. I couldn't do anything.

I get out the house after getting battered just shouting **** you I'll smash your window, your dad's a physco and proceed to keep walking home and then returning and getting held back.

I acknowledge I did things wrong and it's all a misunderstanding.

I just need advice on what exactly to do and your honest opinion on this. I've been honest of whats happened. We are all in the same friend group and booked a holiday all together and I would like to fix it but also I would love the batter the boyfriend as I'm bigger then him I was just intoxicated and didn't see it coming I may as well been asleep.

I don't know what to do.

I want to ask the boyfriend to meet up and resolve it civil and talk about what even happened but I doubt he will want to.
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I'm in the wrong and so are they. I accept that. I want to make things right. Should I just show up at there door and talk and apologize. A letter? Do nothing?

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