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Don't sign up for the free trial that Snaprevise are offering at the moment. It's a total scam.

I signed up for A-Level Physics tutoring, for one week, for 'free'.
I went to cancel the subscription yesterday so that I wouldn't get billed for it. Surprise! I had to EMAIL them. To keep my money. They didn't respond.

Roll around this morning I've been billed £50 that I can't afford to lose. I didn't even get the full week (I signed up at 5pm same day last week- got billed this morning). But hey, now that they have my money, I can cancel the subscription with the click of a button!! No more of the email stuff!

Don't do it, save your money. It's not worth it at all.

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I agree sort of.

I have the full subscription for maths, physics and chem a levels.

My dad is going to cancel the account payment next month after school exams are over.

The whole content is no doybt wonderful and the web classes do none the less help in revising and consildation work.

However, snap revise is a bit of a scam.

I phoned snap revise last year in october-november 2 times and asked them why isnt the year 13 content up there?

They said that the content team have yet to decude on that.

I follwed them up again in march saying i needed them asap. They saud the same response.

I phoned once again last week and they saud the same again.

I literally lost my patience and blasted at the hr manager on the line telling them what kind of company are you...who just take the full money but dont give the 100%resources?

Its extremely unacceptable....people have exams and who knows you migbt have had other students saying this from the past.. .?

But your content team what do they do...?

Just linger on the same thing but dont deliver the customer's needs.

This is a case of entire looting...miss.

After that, the hr manager and the content team from snap revise emailed me apologising and saying that the exam pack year 13 cintent would not be put up in time for my year 13 exams.....

Snap revise is from personal experience, sort of useless resource.

Dont buy or pay the subscription!

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