I think I have wasted a year

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Been to college and absolutely hated it. I've had issues with certain stuff and I had issues in college all year, made no friends, been made fun of, I don’t even know if I will pass this year and get the qualification because I missed a task. I have been struggling with going to college, its felt like a chore, I've been going in as much as I can but last week it was this task that happened, it was basically just a trip and I thought it was a celebration thing like end of year trip but my tutor rang my home saying it was part of the course on the day and I ended up missing it. I missed it because I hated college, like I have been struggling with it then other things as well and people taking the mick out me. I thought it was an end of year trip as well so thought it's not important. Now I'm not sure if I passed this year which means I have gone through all this for nothing, wasting a year of my life, I might as well just have been at home but instead I have gone through misery of going college which I've hated
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Hi, I’m really sorry that you’ve had a difficult year. College isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. You haven’t got long left till the end of the year, so I would say if you can, try your best to stick it out. I would also suggest you reach out to your tutor to see if there’s anything that can be done about your missed tasked - and be honest with them too! If you explain how you’ve been struggling at college and feeling anxious to come in, they might be able to support you properly. If you end up getting the qualification, then the year wouldn’t have been wasted. I know it’s easy to lament on how bad the past year has been, but try focussing on what you can do next year that will make you happier.

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