What is it like studying Computer Science at the University of Bath?

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Hi! I will be starting the MSC in September and I would love to get more information about the course. I have several questions:
1) What is the workload like? Are you given example sheets to do for each module, not just including the ones that count towards your final grade for that module?
2) Do you get access to online lecture notes/PowerPoint slides for each module?
3) How big is the department? Is there sufficient space for enough CS students to work and study? Are the facilities in the department good? (I've been to Bath twice during open days and applicant visit days and it was absolutely beautiful, but I failed to visit the department itself.)
4) Have you taken part in the computer science society whilst at Bath? If so, what's it like?
5) How many people are in your seminar/tutorial? Is it a small number like that of Oxbridge?
6) Are the lecturers clear when they talk?

Thank you so much to anyone to answers this!

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