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Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
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Is warwick actually full of left wing..anti army ..people??

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I'm not even sure what it means for someone to be "pro-army" or "anti-army". I don't see how anyone could be, say, "pro-army" - that is, unreservedly supportive of the actions of the army - based on any sort of reasoned decision. Similarly, a tiny minority of people would object to anything that the army might ever do.
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
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Warwick is just liberal, not extreme lefty.
I don't see how anyone could be, say, "pro-army"

It is like being pro-garbage collector.:shifty:
Well if I become a Warwick Chemist, there'll be at least one right-winger on campus!
They've banned the army recruiting on campus? Left-wing sods. Hopefully the attitude toward the defence of this nation from organised and dangerous nut-jobs will have changed by September 2009, and if not, I'll be happy to establish, or be a part of a movement to welcome them to advertise themselves at Warwick.

The lefties at Warwick are obviously too retarded to realise that a very thick line seperates one who is pro-army (like myself), and one who rejoices in unnecessary conflict (unlike myself).
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They've banned the army recruiting on campus? ...

The TA were around in freshers week, so they can't be that banned.
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I aim to make a lot of money when I leave univeristy. My graduate job as a trainee solicitor pays extremely well. No way in hell would I ever ever ever ever be left wing!
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Um, the army weren't banned, and Warwick isn't exactly left-wing; in fact, it's full of privately educated, right-wing, free marketeering City wannabes. Don't worry lulu 007, LurkerintheDark, and the rest of you balancing precariously on your red-scare soapboxes. It sounds as if you'll find plenty of like-minded people to hang around with.
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From my outsiders perspective, I'd say Warwick is significantly less left-wing/radical than other Universities. When I was on campus during the elections last year, they seemed to have a relatively active conservative society (which is more than there was at Sussex, where I studied), and there's certainly something of a reputation as a University focussed on jobs and the commercialisation of education, coupled with student apathy.

As I say, I have this mostly from second hand or general outsider's impressions... Mind you, I doubt there are many universities where you'd actively be bullied for being a conservative pro-war/army type, but if you can't handly rigorous debate about your opinions, you should probably re-consider whether you want to go to University at all...
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I think back in the day it used to be pretty left-wing. And it still shows in some of the departments actually - for instance, the history department has a lot more in the way of social history, which I love. :smile:

But I don't think it's especially left-wing nowadays.

In fact, there was an article in the Boar a few months ago, if I remember rightly, about "The demise of Red Warwick" or something, talking about how whilst it used to be a very radical and politically active uni, now its full of rich business students.

Can't say I'm aware of many protest or anything. I did go on the tuition fees demo two years ago, but that's about it...

Regarding the army situation, I don't know... In first year, two of my housemates were quite pro-army, and had both considered joining the army and getting sponsored through uni by them (one had decided against it because they wouldn't pay for him to do maths, only engineering).

Ultimately, there are a lot of people, from very different backgrounds, and with very different beliefs. You'll be fine...
Totally Tom
I'll tell you all what Warwick is full of.

It's full of inconsiderate pompous arses who think that it's ok to continue walking along the pavement in groups of 3+ and not bother to move to accommodate anyone moving in the other direction because that would be too much effort and consideration.

Honest to God these people are everywhere-it's my only gripe about the University. It's just so damned annoying.

YES! I could not agree more. I have been shouldered barged by more people than I thought possible. What is it about Warwick and this? I began to thought I was just sending off some sort of "I deserve to be nudged into the path of passing cars" type vibe. Nice to know it's not just me :smile:
I think part of the problem is that the footpath down the sports centre side of University Road is far too narrow, and there isn't one on the other side going round the corner by the TES. Major congestion.