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I am currently on dating apps and I came across this guy who swiped on me on both apps I use. The first time he said that he is looking for fwb and the second time on the other app when I swiped him after a week, he said he is looking for a good relationship as he just came out of a ****ed up one. Mind due he didn't recognise me much as he asked my name and where I'm from! Why is he confused of what he wants? I feel like he maybe be hurting. I have noticed that he doesn't text the next day only the first day. I asked him to meet up just to test him as he said he wants to hook up but then he didn't seem interested. He first said he's off this week Monday and Tuesday and then said he might be working. I texted him today and it seems like he didn't go work so he could have met me. Ps, I'm just seeing if he's serious as I was confused. Why is he like this?
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Same picture, different wants, no knowledge of you, despite having allegedly interacted with you, and refuses and makes excuses as to why he can't meet with you? Getting the word 'catfish'.
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