Alone. Forever.

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I feel as if I am going to be alone forever because I have EUPD.
I am like an empty shell- I don't really think much and there's nothing that I am good at.

Other people can sense it- it makes them feel bad. I would never want a partner if I was going to cause them emotional suffering- I don't want to hurt someone that I love :/
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Hello, I have EUPD as well. I have been with my partner for 3 years now. I got the diagnoses when I was with her. I think I was hurting her more before the diagnoses because she didnt understand my different emotions. I agreed to go to therapy. I still struggle every day with it. There is a stereotype that people with this mental health condition cannot find find or have a stable relationship, completely false because I am in one. I know it feels like you wont find someone, but when you do you'll look back on this moment and how you feel and how far you've come. This is a life long condition, there's someone out there that will love you unconditionally, mental health issues in all.
Sometimes when I have bad days I think I am putting her through too much and if I loved her I wouldn't be so selfish and keep her. But she doesn't see it like that, she wants to help and she would never leave me if I said I thought I was bringing her down, because that's a permanent choice based on a temporary feeling. But she has had her own mental health struggles as well, you will find someone who understands you. I hope you're getting the help you need
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If it helps then I think all BPD people are different from each other. I would be willing to be with a BPD person even through the ups and downs as long as not they're not the type that would cheat on a whim.

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