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Hi everyone,

I'm a mature student (37) looking for a career change into the environmental sector. My BSc is in Environmental Management and really enjoyed the GIS and Remote Sensing modules and would love to go back to that. I've got accepted into Glasgow (Geoinformation Technology & Cartography) though still waiting on Edinburgh (Earth Observation & Geoinformation Management) who seem to postpone by email from deadline to deadline (15 Apr pushed to 15 May, now pushed to July), I guess I'm not exceptional enough

I know the two degrees are quite different and I'm inclined towards Edinburgh because it seems broader and covers areas of data and policy which makes it unique (my career since my BSc has been in ITC). On the other hand GT&C at Glasgow has the creative cartography element which is also interesting.

My issues are funding and if the extra 5k for Edinburgh is worth it in terms of career opportunities or maybe a path towards a PhD. I can afford to pay for Glasgow myself whereas Edinburgh I'll have to get a student loan as it's 5k more, which I do not have.

Anyone studied any of these programmes, or maybe is familiar with the departments to give me some advice? Again, the main points are career opportunities and value for money.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


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