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Hi, I'm wondering if anybody can please help. I'm due to start an access to higher education course ( ACCESS TO HEALTH SCIENCE PROFESSIONS ACCESS TO HE DIPLOMA ) in September 2021, im 28 so I've been out of education for a while, and I never did any alevels so I'm totally clueless.
I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on what I can study/read. Any exam papers ect, I know nothing about the course as I've had no information as of yet apart from it will include
Health education
Are the a level papers what I should be practicing or is it something else entirely? If so could you please help, Thank you for reading x
Hello :smile:

How are you finding the course thus far? I am doing Health Science: Bio and Chem Pathway.
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Hi there sorry you had no help at all for so long - hope you are getting on OK with your distance learning course [I just stumbled onto this thread, and thought I might eat you :colondollar: - sorry, but I love pineapples [they used to grow in my grandad's garden in Kenya]!! Relax, I am not a cannibal!

Probs too late now, but have a look here:

If stuck with any topic in biology/medicine, pls feel free to PM me or tag me.

Best of luck & be safe!
M [specialist biology tutor]
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I might need some advice soon. Nice to have someone offering help on here 🙂
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Might need to p.m. you. Thank you
Original post by Soid6670
Might need to p.m. you. Thank you

Ask on the open forum, rather than PM - that way everyone can benefit from it :smile:
Hi, just a quick message to say I have just completed the access course and have a place at uni in September so if anyone has any questions at all feel free to ask, I'll help where I can :smile:

It's been an intense 9 months studying alongside parenting and working but I did it..

In regards to papers, the acces course is 85% assigment based, i had 14 assigments and 2 exams, the exams were created by the college itself as we're the assigments. My advice would be try and learn the basics of biology before you begin, will make the first few months significantly easier.
Start with cells, animal and plant cells, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, what each part is and its role and be able to label it on a diagram of a cell, eg the mitochondria (looks like a little footprint) and it's role its to give the cell energy. The similarities and differences of animal v plant, eukaryotic v prokaryotic. I wish someone would of give me this information as it would of really helped me, I never did science at school so this was all completely new to me!

Hope this helps someone

Good luck! :smile:
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Hi which college did you do the 9 month course at?
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Thank you for the advice. Will look in to cells, animal and plant cells. I am looking to do a health and science professions access course, what is the difficulty level like? Also do you think I can work part time alongside it or is the work load too much.
I worked part time and I'm a single mum to a 5 year old and have a house to run so anything is possible! Good luck!:smile:
Original post by pineapplehead10
I worked part time and I'm a siangle mum to a 5 year old and have a house to run so anything is possible! Good luck!:smile:

Any recommendations on a good college?
I just went to a local one so whatever is local to you :smile:

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