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i have 2 weeks till my mocks and i was only told about them a week ago. i have 9 subjects to revise for:
english lang
english lit (love n relationship poems)

and i'm really stressing because i only have two weeks left and i'm really aiming for high grades!
i feel like at this point, a revision time table is no use.

i have revised a few topics, but i have sooooo many for each subject and i'm so so stressed!
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My first advice would be please, please, don't stress too much. Take it from a year 12. You're only in year 10 - these mocks are, generally, not very important. Your year 11s will be more important, but you'll have much more time to revise for those. If you don't get the best grades now it's not the end of the world in any way! Really a lot of the point of the mocks is to help you learn to revise before the crunch comes at the end of year 11, so if you do badly, it's just an opportunity to work out what you can do better!

I wouldn't completely throw out the idea of a revision timetable. Sure, you haven't got much time, but I know for me that even just working out which subjects you'll revise on what day helps me gain a sense of control and calm me down, and it sounds like you need that! You don't need to commit to specific topics on each day, just something like "chemistry and geography today, maths and english lit tomorrow, and I'll go over some french vocab between lessons when I have a few minutes." Of course, if even that doesn't work, don't stress out trying to stick to your timetable - you've learnt something about what works for you!

You don't have a huge amount of time, so try to revise the big chunks of knowledge that you're pretty sure will come up, and only learn the little intricacies of each subject if you have time later. In biology, for example, it's more important to nail the 3, 4 mark questions about factors affecting diffusion than those one-mark multiple choice questions.

When it comes to how exactly to revise, hopefully you already have some idea of what helps you most, but if not, don't stress! The general tactic is to re-learn the material by writing out notes, doing flashcards, stuff like that, then start doing past papers and exam questions. Once you've done exam questions - and marked them - you can work out what you need to go back and revise again. For english lang and lit, go back over any poems and extracts you've been given, reminding yourself of the annotations and any dates or context you may need to know (if you need to).

Good luck, and please don't worry too much!

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