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Compare how the poets explore the power of nature in 'The Prelude"and one other poem.

Both poems discuss the power of nature in its relationship with mankind. However, in the prelude, man is seen as insignificant compared to nature, whilst in kamikaze, it's the power of nature, that brings the kamikaze pilot back home.

In the prelude, Wordsworth perhaps used simple language to make his writing more accessible to the working class whom he supported as he was a romantic poet, who often rejected the idea of humans having ultimate power, in "huge peak, black and huge". This maybe portrays the realisation of the speaker of how powerful nature is and how weak mankind is. Alternatively, the phrase perhaps alludes to the idea that nature is something to be feared and not admired as seen from the colour imagery of the word" black" which gives ideas of something menacing. Moreover, the repetition of "huge" may display that he is not able to articulate his words, perhaps demonstrating that Wordsworth is intimidated by his insignificance upon seeing the other side of nature. Perhaps, Wordsworth wanted to criticise that arrogance of humans, when given power is far more significant. Here, the reader may emphasise the fear of the speaker as they are moving along with his perspective.

On the other hand, unlike Wordsworth who uses simple language to convey his ideas, Garland uses sensory imagery in "green-blue translucent sea" to maybe illustrate this idea that whilst he was aiming for the enemy, the sea has caught his attention, creating the beautiful imagery of nature in his mind, displaying the influence of nature. Furthermore, the colour imagery of "green-blue" may suggest that the pilot is weighing the advantages and disadvantages of his decision; "blue" relates to ideas of peace, perhaps indicating the pilot has already decided to turn around, which may highlight that nature has the power to persuade the father to turn around. In this scenario, the reader may emphasise the pilot's decision to turn back. Additionally, the adjective" translucent" perhaps relates to ideas of clear but with uncertainty, maybe indicating that he can see through the propaganda forced on him; ultimately displaying that nature always wins over patriotism, which was very dominant in Japanese culture, especially in World War II. Maybe, Garland intended to explore the social pressure in Japanese society, which ignored the beauty of life.

In the prelude, the power of nature has an overwhelming effect on the reader, whilst it is the beauty of nature that overpowers the control enforced on the pilot in Kamikaze; both poets use structure to convey their ideas.

In the prelude, Wordsworth perhaps used enjambment to present the overpowering urge to communicate what he saw but ultimately ends up as an inability to present his thoughts due to the realisation of the speaker that nature is beyond human understand; it is this nature that leads the author's thoughts to not be ordered. Here the reader may feel breathless, which mirrors the shock of the author allowing the reader to understand his emotions. Maybe, Wordsworth intended to share his newfound discovery of nature- which was stereotyped to be tranquil; he desired to share his thought on nature was a common attitude of Romantic poets who adored nature.

On the other hand, Garland like Shelley also uses enjambment but juxtaposes it with a tight structure of 6 line pers stanza. This perhaps reflects the tight control of the military contrasting with the pilot beginning to question his obedience and realises that he wants freedom upon seeing the nature below him, which shows the power of nature as he is questioning his obedience because of nature. Here the reader is maybe provoked to be reminded that the soldiers are individuals as Garland was intrigued as to why soldiers would give up their lives in war.

Ultimately, I think Kamikaze is the most effective as it informs humanity that even they are led by nature as it is nature that influences the pilot's decisions, whilst in the prelude, Wordsworth shares his realisations of the immensity of nature with the reader.

Hey, could you mark this essay and tell me what grade it would get out of 30 and the grade. Also, what I could do to improve?
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