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In a bit of a dilemma choosing my options for a level . Currently I have chosen business , economics and English Language (I would’ve done literature but I worry about understanding Shakespeare at a level level) I have been told that English Lang is considered weaker than lit and to do Lit and that business is a soft subject , not sure what to do or choose , I am terrible at maths and just scraped a five at foundation level , in the future I either want to do a business related degree or something associated with humanitarian relief and the logistics behind it
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For english lang vs english lit it really depends on what you're interested in. Lang is more linguistics and the structure of the language, while lit is about how the language creates dramatic effect and the messages of the texts you study. It will also depend on how good you are at lit right now. If you got at least a 6, though, I would say go for english lit!

Shakespeare. For a start I think you'd be surprised at how much you can understand Shakespeare when you're going through it with your teacher - and as mine always says (I'm in y12 now, just studied Othello), you don't actually need to know all the details of what's being said as long as you can pick out the quotes you need, and they're generally fairly obvious or your teacher will point them out. There are lots of resources online as well to help you understand the Shakespearean english. You have a long time to get to grips with it - ultimately at least a year before you do it in the y13 exams. And Shakespeare is only one text out of something like six on the course, some of which will be post-1900 and therefore much, much easier to get a grip on. I wouldn't not do english lit just because of one text.

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