Updated Paper 4 and how to prepare for it

Rida Amir
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Hi, I hope somebody finds my query in time.I have my Media Studies(9607) paper 4 on the 8th of June. Given the pandemic situation our teacher could not inform us about the changes that have been made to the paper pattern and I got the impression that the teacher was convinced the exams would get cancelled as she seemed to be taking the subject too lightly. However, exams did not get cancelled and now she hasn't equipped us with sufficient information to prepare us for the exam. I am an extremely panicky student; I do not perform well in stressful situations. In an attempt to prevent last minute anxiety I am typing this query hoping I could find some assistance on here. Please if someone could guide me on how to select a case study and prepare for my paper 4 it would mean the world to me. I have no clue what is postmodern media, media regulation, power and the media and media ecology about. Which is the reason why I do not even have any case studies sorted. Please please help me.

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