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I’ve been offered a place on a HNC Childhood Practice course but have just been rejected for my course fees and bursary as I previously completed a HNC course in 2010 (fine art).
I was under the impression that I’d be able to receive one extra year of funding but SAAS customer chat have said that I won’t as I already have a HNC qualification. I spoke to the funding dept at the college and they said they can only help with some childcare and I can apply for the loan from SAAS, but without the fees and bursary there’s no way I can manage, I’m absolutely gutted as I’ve worked hard to get a place on this course and was so excited about getting the qualification I need for a job in early years and making a better life for myself and my kids. The course I did in 2010 has been of no relevance since I finished, but as a teenager I wasn’t thinking properly about what job I could get after college I just wanted to paint and draw.
Do I have any options at all to get help with my funding? Would it be worth appealing or are they just going to tell me the same thing again? Any advice would be appreciated I’m really hoping for a way to do this course!
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I am in the exact same situation, same course and everything. I studied at college when I was very young and completed an HNC which also has no relevance and it's something I very quickly regretted. I am also considering appealing but I am unsure on what grounds, sorry I'm not much help but I am following this post and I wish you the best of luck.

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