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Hello all, I have recently finished year 13 and I am pending one politics essay which I had never completed due to mental health constraints. I need to finish this essay this week, and I plan on doing it tonight. It is about 50% complete but I need a few more ideas, points and examples. The question is:

Evaluate the view that increased party unity is an obstacle to the effective working of the US Congress

My structure is as follows:

Law-making role
Representative role
Oversight role

These are the fully developed points I have so far:

- Increased party unity has not adversely affected congress' representative function because partisanship is merely reflective of a divided country
- Increased party unity has adversely affected the representative function because congressmen/women almost always vote with their party (133th congress, republicans voted with their caucus 92% of the time, democrats 94%; the rejection of Merrick Garland for SCOTUS under Obama)
- Congress does not have sufficient oversight because it is hard to provide adequate oversight through tinted, partisan views (Trump impeachment, Russia investigation)

This means I need:

- Arguments for and against Congress being able to legislate effectively (I feel I have discussed the obvious in my point about representation)
- Argument for Congress being able to provide adequate oversight

Thank you so much, it will be of great relief when this is done. And on that note, if anyone can help me and needs help, I am sure I will be able to dig through my essays.

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