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Hong Kong Universities Application (local-NON JUPAS)

Hello! I am applying to HKU/HKUST/CUHK for this fall. I would appreciate any and all advice regarding interview procedures and types of questions asked ideally, but not limited to, the Faculty of Business or Engineering for HKU, and Business for HKUST and CUHK.

I have recently been emailed a video interview from HKUST through KiraTalent, 5 questions - 1 minute each. Any idea what they ask? And is that only the preliminary interview?

If there are any group chats that I can be added to, please also dm me.

The application process is nerve wracking and It would be nice if I can find other people going through this as well! Thanks :smile:
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What did they ask in ur interview?
Hi. I received a video interview invitation from UST as well. Can I ask what are the questions? Are they hard?

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