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hi im in year 12 and i have my mocks for my predicted grade beginning June 24. ive no idea how to revise for history, literally no clue where to start. i do 'Tudors: 1485-1603' and 'Tsarist and Communist Russia: 1855-1964'. any help would be appreciated!
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Start by getting all your notes in check....combine your class notes and textbook to produce a document with everything you need to know - make sure you have covered every aspect on the syllabus/specification! Print out the specification and go through and tick off what you can do.....whatever you are unsure of or can't do is what you need to focus on. Use class notes and textbooks to make flashcards of key dates, key events, key individuals....Quizlet is really good for quickly creating flashcards without having to write them all out! Make sure you know the causes, events and impacts of key events too. Continuously test yourself...whether that's reading your notes and then covering them up and trying to recall everything you can remember, or even just testing yourself with flashcards. Using flashcards is one of the most beneficial methods for learning key dates and events for History A Level. Also, I cannot stress enough how important it is to practice essays! This may seem a boring and time-consuming task but even just writing out past exam questions and producing a detailed plan if you don't want to sit and write the essay can be really beneficial. Making a folder of essay plans is super helpful to look back on (even the night before the exam) because there are only so many questions they can ask....if you have planned how to answer questions, more often than not you will be able to 'transfer' this plan to another question. Close to the exam when you feel confident enough with the content practice a few timed essays because ultimately this is the closest you will be able to recreate the exam and thus feel more relaxed when it comes to the real exam. Hope this helps, good luck!

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