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Oxford (MPP) vs Cambridge (MPP) vs LSE (MPP)

Hi all,

I am very fortunate to have been accepted to the MPPs at Oxford and the LSE, as well as the MPhil in Public Policy Cambridge. The time to make a decision has come, and I am unsure.

Cost is not the problem, as I have received a full scholarship from my home country. I would like to develop my career at international organisations afterwards (UN, OECD...)

Which one would, in your opinion, provide a better preparation for such a career? What about employability prospects and network?

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Definitely Oxford! MPP is already a competitive programme, so imagine how competitive it would be to apply to your preferred jobs should you choose LSE.

BUT with an Oxford degree, you would definitely be standing out!
University of Oxford, Pawel-Sytniewski
University of Oxford
Both are incredibly impressive places with world class reputations. So I wouldn't really worry about that aspect. Plus, hiring managers in the sector will already have a fair idea about where their recruits have studied. So they're less likely to be impressed just because they see Oxford. It might be helpful to try and contact someone who works for these organisations - and on that note, do you have a particular agency or field in mind?

What I would suggest you consider in greater depth is the content of the programmes and the optional modules being offered. What are you going to specialise in? If you have a dissertation idea, are there modules complementing it? Who might be a potential supervisor? With Oxford, think about the college you want to enter and its social life. Both places will have excellent opportunities for networking.
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Hi friends,

I am an international student with an admit to MPhil in Public Policy at Cambridge. While I am overwhelmed by the prospect of studying at Cambridge, I want to better learn what is exactly taught and if there is a focus on quant and studying statistical software in this course. I've tried reaching out to alumnus and current students, but been unable to connect with them and the course page doesn't reveal much.

I want to move to for-profit impact consulting or a multilateral organisation after my degree. Hence, these are important considerations. Also, I'd love to know if people go into consulting post this degree.

If someone could help me out with this information, it would be great. Thanks so much! :smile:

PS. I also have an admit from MPA at LSE. So would love to understand what would prove better for my future aspirations. thanks again!

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