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Hi I’m a first year student, and just recently finished one coursework. I took an extension for this coursework. But during this I was doing my coursework and I also tend to check my friend work and give her feedback whilst also helping each other. This coursework was hard to actually get any stuff the same as you had to choose your own case study online. Unfortunately I submitted her work on turnitin and the similarly came as 100% which I was freaking out about thinking it was my work but realised it was her as our file titles were so similar. I was stressing out but resubmitted my work and the similarities went wayyy down but I’m am stressing as I don’t when we get our results back but also if the resubmission overwrite the first submission or not. I didn’t mean to submit her work and I’m stressing so much. I normally never make such stupid mistakes. Someone please help me on what I should do. I think right now they are still marking the work

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