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Contemporary urban environments 20 marker

please could someone tell how to answer this question
‘Britain’s urban regeneration policies since 1979 have failed to address problems of economic inequality and social segregation. The gap between the richest and the poorest urban residents has widened.’
To what extent do you agree with this statement?
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I would look at some case studies of urban regeneration where this has created a divide. For example, Granby Four, Liverpool, where they displaced 14 families to regenerate and didn't regenerate and the area is now abandoned, or there was a similar thing in Elephant and Castle, London. Use the case studies to build up your argument. You can discuss austerity and how it favours the rich, marginalising the poor.
A good rebuttal would be that given the country has seen an increase in billionaires in recent years, people would unempathetically disagree and say that the issue of poverty is not one that is contained or perpetuated by the attempted regeneration strategies described above (in the rest of your obviously very descriptive argument). People could argue that regeneration strategies provide only positive outcomes.
Now, you rip the above argument to shreds, with detailed descriptions of failures within strategies, or how lack of effective planning led to worsening of disparities economically and socially.

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