Therapist wants me to go to GP but parents don't

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I go to a school therapist and he has suggested going to a GP for personality problems. I have been to a couple of psychiatrist referrals about this and they have turned me down but he says that a GP is different. However, my parents are always extremely sensitive on this issue and don't think that I need to go, and they are downplaying it. The therapist is talking to them tonight about it. What do I do? I'm terrified.
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A GP may be able to help identify the 'problem(s)' and prescribe meds (if possible). I'm not really sure why your parents wouldn't want you to go, especially if recommended by a professional.

What are you scared of?
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It’s none of their business what you do with your own treatment. There’s something called “Gillick competent” - if you’re under sixteen you can still make your own medical decisions if you are deemed competent. It’s only in severe circumstances that a child wouldn’t be found competent, or if they were really young. Legally, they have no say.

However, I understand your issue. I’ve never received much sympathy from home for similar issues. I was also encouraged to call a GP, and so because of COVID I had to call over the phone. Maybe try call during school hours so your parents don’t know? The queues are long, so if you call first thing in the morning many GP surgeries have an option to have them call you back once you’re first in the queue. If you let your teachers know you needed to possibly leave for a call at some point, would they let you?
This might have been far more detail than you wanted so I apologise.

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