chemistry, biology alevel revision tips (+AMA drama alevel)

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thread to post everyone’s revisions tips or anyone’s questions on alevel chemistry or biology (I also take eduquas drama so AMA on that too!) so we can all help each other through some of the topics in these subjects where let’s be honest we all want to cry (cough cough classification and evolution, cough cough periodicity)

I am in year 12 and I do OCR A chemistry and biology so here are my tips.

1) get your specification online and have that open when you are making notes or doing revision. know what the spec wants you to know. sometimes things especially I found in my biology textbook were irrelevant (most things were relevant I’m talking about like small paragraphs on stuff I thought I should know but I didn’t)

2) quizlet. the biggest thing i do is make flash cards using past exams questions that are knowledge based. I then out questions I make myself below it so I can refresh my memory on the topic

3) use you class notes!!! for gcses I felt like I didn’t revise properly and never really looked at my class notes once I made them. I keep my class notes beside me when I’m making notes so I can refer to them if I don’t understand something in the textbook

4) make sure you have a textbook I have the OCR AS/ A level Biology A Second edition 1 and 2 and I have the CGP chemistry year 1 and AS textbook. they help me a lot.

5) I use physics and maths tutor (the saviour of websites honestly) has so many past paper questions, flash cards, mind maps and summary notes which are pretty accurate to what needs to be learnt on the spec. I sometimes use chem guide for chemistry but I find that there’s too much detail or I can’t process the information too good. would love to know other good resources for chem or biology online (especially biology)

6) ppqs. I know you have probably heard this but I do something different. when looking at ppqs I take any knowledge based questions e.g. the definition of a competitive enzyme and I write that into my notes. especially for biology when the mark schemes are horrible (lol) there’s no point writing your textbook answer when the exam board will only give you the mark if you have a specific word.

7) find a revision method that works for you. I find just revising when I feel like it works for me (I can usually stay motivated when I have exams coming up) but when it’s summer try making a schedule to stick to but make it realistic. because seriously are you really gonna wake up at 5am and study straight away (thank you to toxic productivity videos !! /j)

8) identify your weak points. when you do an exam whether that be a class test or an actual mock, look over it at home and make sure you understand where you went wrong. I know many schools (including mine) make you do DIT (dedicated improvement time) which tbh I find tedious and pointless. I just make sure to go back over the topic (I don’t find the need to write out where I went wrong as long as I know lol)

9) for organic chemistry which i know many people find hard (I actually like organic I hate physical chemistry lol) make flash cards of the mechanisms and reactions you need to know (this is where the spec comes in handy/maybe textbook)

10) good luck with your revision! I hope some of these tips may have helped you figure out some things you can do to improve the way you revise. revision isn’t a fun thing to do but we can all get through this and get the grades we want. it’s only for another year!!

feel free to ask me any other questions about chem, bio or drama and leave revision tips below )
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I don’t have any tips as I’m about to go into Year 12, sorry, but thank you so much for making this, I’m sure this will be so useful for my year when we start in September!!!

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