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I’m doing paramedic science and I’m grieving right now too. I’m really behind on the science really really behind. I’m now on placement in the ambulance and doing all the observations of patients which is kinda what they want 1st years to do.

It’s such a *****y environment and majority people are friends and they talk a lot. I’m constantly being told it’s like I don’t want to be there. Which I’ve asked multiple times what gives them that impression as it’s false and they say they don’t know.

I understand I’m behind on the science however , I do get all the observations right. Am I being unfair. When I don’t know things they ask me about the science they roll their eyes or say ‘this is the basic you should know this’. When they roll their eyes it really makes me uncomfortable.

They’re not there to test me. I’m there to learn clinical skills and get a feel of a paramedic.

Am I being unfair for feeling like this. It’s just such a negative space to be in and I have 12 hr shifts. 4 days a week for 10 weeks

I’ve asked to change stations but uni said it’s full.
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Okay firstly catch up on your acienec, you'll have to do it eventually and all you have to do is pick a topic and just start!
Yes you are there to learn what it's like to be a paramedic but part of that is putting your theory into practice and if you don't know the theory you sre missing out. Equally if you don't know it or don't feel comfortable then it's quite alright even brave to say it!
They shouldn't be rolling their eyes or making you feel uncomfortable. They should know that you won't know it all. Equally they are also under pressure and might not have slept well making their moods not the best. This is a reason for their behaviour and not an excuse. Teenagers roll their eyes and they are adults. Call them out on it and say please don't roll you eyes at me, I am a student and it's not my job to know it all.
In terms of them being chatty or saying that you don't seem like you want to be there. I'm times of quiet ask questions, use them to catch up your knowledge. If you just did a call out and you couldn't do something, ask them to show you. Take an interest in it and them and I guarantee you those comments go away
I understand all of this is hard especially when you sre grieving and these times are. But all you can do is your best and you will be fine! I believe in you!
It is brave to say you don't know stuff. And it is mature and wise to recognise you mgght be lacking in knowledge as well as seeking help on sites like this. It is also quite mature to make sure your response is measured. So you sre doing alright and you will get there

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