Repayments from abroad - Late declaration of income - liability for backpayments?

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Hi all - any help/experience from people who've been in a similar situation much appreciated:

I'm on Plan 1 repayments with Student Finance England, graduated in 2012. I was repaying my loan as usual through my employer 2012-2016 - deductions from my salary. All fine.

Then I moved abroad. First to work (2016-18), during which time I continued making repayments based on evidence provided from my employer as to my earnings. From 2018-20 I entered further education and therefore stopped making repayments.

I restarted work (still abroad) around 12 months ago and completely forgot to inform Student Finance.

I now, of course, need to update my details and provide evidence of my employment status.

My question is: am I liable to make backpayments for the 12 months in which I was working but not repaying, or will the new repayment schedule only start from now onwards when I provide evidence of my salary?

Given that you have to provide at least 3 months' pay slips to prove your new status when you move abroad, I was under the impression there might be some grace period whereby they don't mind if you miss a few repayments.

Additionally, I saw somebody saying instead of asking for repayments they would extend the period until which your loan gets written off (i.e. + 1 year ).

Has anybody been in a similar situation and can offer some advice? PM me if sensitive.

Thanks in advance!

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