Giving myself another 2 years before accepting my level

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I am 25 I started the gym, eating well, I work warehousing, learning to drive, I study my masters part time online.

I have zero friends, on my days off work I am very lonely and feel frustrated how things take me longer, for example Alevels 3 years, Undergraduate 4 years and Masters looking like 3 years.

I use have a very active lifestyle, social too, i would focus a lot on personal development, achieve lots of things and be all amazing however I was unappreciated, rejected when I felt I was at my best and now that I know I am very low I feel what chance and hope do it have. All I am doing is trying to do something that way I can say I tried however I have no belief things will work out for me.

I've been there before 2 years ago where I said I'll finish my education and get a job and the 2 years before that.

If I can't reach to what I see as the bare minimum for someone of my intelligence, experiences and privileges within 2 years then I might as well accept myself for the low level person I am.
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You're being very hard on yourself
There is no single correct timeline for doing things
You have developed loads in all aspects of your life and you are , academically and physically at probably the best point in your life

I think you just need to try and not make everything feel like a chore or a target
Live in the moment
Appreciate how far you've come
Try and get talking to leopl at the gym maybe and now that lockdown is easing factor in one evening a week to go out etc

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