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Hi, so I’m taking a brand new a level next year (AQA psychology) to supplement my other two but I’m not sure which service I should use.

So I can do psychology through one service and get learning materials etc and a predicted grade, but I won’t receive a reference which will cost £625 but can be paid in instalments over 12 months

Or I can do it through a more local service which will give me a reference and predicted grade, but no learning resources and that costs £755, however I’m not sure if that can be paid in instalments.

No matter which one I choose I will also be using a service called Uplearn which guarantees an A or A* or your money back with 98% who complete the course achieving that, and they satiate they have resources which cover exams, content etc and have many who learn just through that.

Ultimately what I’m wondering is am I better off going for the service which provides a reference? And if I went for the one that didn’t give me a reference, how detrimental would this serve for me? I will be getting references from my old school also

I would love to hear some other people’s thought
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