Reapplying to Physics while studying Economics

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I'm in bit of a sticky situation right now, could you guys give some advice if you've gone through somthing like this? Or if you're in a similar position, come and have a chat! All will be highly appreciated

I applied Economics this UCAS Cycle (20-21), got offer from Warwick and Bath but was rejected from Oxford E&M (post-interview), LSE and UCL. And after some tragic performances in my Econ exams in school, I'm also beginning to think that it might not be the best idea for me to do it at degree level.

Grades expected on Results Day: A*A*A*A in Further Maths, Maths, Physics and Economics respectively.

I'm now thinking about reapplying Physics, having achieved Gold in Physics Olympiad. This has given me reasonable confidence in my aptitude in the subject, and indeed is one of the major propellants for me to reapply.

Now here comes the sticky part:

1. I think I should reapply while in Warwick, to avoid the risk of failure in reapplication and ending up in less prestigious unis.

2. Because of choosing to apply Economics this year, I have not done many useful activities in Physics to make a competitive re-application.

Having emailed Oxford, I now know the following regarding Physics reapplicants:

All qualified candidates will be considered (gap year and first year).
A-level grades will be used for offers, if the successful applicant is studying an unrelated course.
Reviewing Physics and Mathematics throughout the gap year is necessary.

However, going to uni will render popular gap year schemes like Year in Industry unviable.

So I'm asking for help...

Any advice for a Y13 to find helpful Physics & Maths activities to do in the next four months that would improve the competitiveness of an application? (Most of the opportunities seem to be aimed at Y12s...)

Any advice on what to do during the "gap year" in uni to keep the understanding of physics and maths fresh??

Any tutor/website/resource recommendations?

And if you've got any at all reapplicantion tips or experiences, please post as well - would be immensely helpful.

Many thanks!!
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Don’t start a degree while planning to reapply. If you get the grades you’re expecting then reapplying isn’t a risk.

There’s loads of moocs available in maths and physics. Have a look at what’s available and start planning a schedule to work through (do some of the most interesting over the summer so that you can talk about them in your PS along with your plan for the rest of the year).

Have a think about what your plan will be if you don’t get the grades you expect.

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