History exam question help/marking (Weimar and Nazi Germany GCSE Edexcel)

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Explain why many Germans hated the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, 1919 (12 marks)

It is very clear that the most hated term of the Treaty of Versailles is the financial terms. This is because Germany was forced to pay 150 million marks (£6.6 billion). Many Germans also hated the military terms and article 231. The terms of the treaty were a diktat which meant that the terms were imposed and not agreed which angered the German people.

The most significantly hated term was the financial terms. Germany was forced to pay 150 million marks in reparations (£6.6 billion). Which was a huge sum of money for the German people to have to pay. The Germans failed to keep up with these annual payments. Another part of the financial terms was that Germany had to send coal to France from the Ruhr coalfields. In 1922 Germany failed to do this so that meant in 1923 the French army of 750,000 came and took raw materials, manufactured goods and industrial machinery. The 100,000 German troops were no match for the 750,000 French troops. This worsened the debts for Germany. Due to all of this Germany had decided to print more money. This led to hyperinflation which meant that the prices of goods had dramatically increased. The price of bread had gone from previously being 1 mark to 200 billion marks just 4 years later. This was Catastrophic for the German people as it meant that normal living was made impossible. The German people would have lost all of their savings which they had been working years and years for. These financial terms had a massive negative impact on the German people and angered them greatly.

The second most significant hated term was the Militariorial terms. The German army was limited to 100,000 people, no submarines, 6 battleships, 6 cruisers, 12 destroyers and 12 torpedo boats.They also were not allowed to have any of their army on the Rhineland. However, the French army was still allowed. All of these terms meant that Germany had near to no military power and were very vulnerable as if any country wanted to go to Germany and take something then their army would most likely be more powerful than the German army leading to the other country getting exactly what they wanted. This would have made the German people outraged as they may have to witness other countries coming and taking things from them

The third most significant hated term was article 231. This is the war guilt clause and stated that Germany was responsible for the war and had to take the blame for it. Germany did not agree but they had no say. As they were to blame they were forced to pay reparations. This would have meant that Germany had to pay a lot of money which they would struggle to get hold of. This would have angered the German people greatly as they really did not believe that they were the ones responsible for the war. Not only are they getting the blame but they are also forced to pay a lot of money for something they believed wasn't their fault.

In conclusion, I believe that the most significant hated term was the financial terms as this had the biggest impact on the German people as this eventually led to hyperinflation which would have meant that the people would lose all their savings angering the German people.
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The essay is fairly good, no need for improvements.

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