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So I have been in sixth form for the past two years, at a different school to my high school. In year 11, there was this guy. We were so close and when we signed each other's shirts on the last day, I felt like we had a moment. I really liked him, and that was the moment I wondered whether he could like me back. The moment I thought it was possible.

Its been two years since I last saw him, but I have thought about him a lot over the past two years I've been at sixth form. Its unlikely that I will ever see him again, so has anyone got any tips for getting over him?
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I'd recommend just focusing on yourself. You shouldn't feel dependant on other people. Be happy within yourself before you look outwards. Find new passions and interests.
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Alright... it might have well been the case that he liked you back.

Since you’ve been thinking about him for two years, whatever you experienced must’ve been special.. (even if it was only special to you) that’s a very long time to be thinking about someone ngl.. especially since you haven’t seen him

So there’s either two things you can do here:

A) try finding him again to try and get to know him again, as a kind of “catch up” type thing and from there express your feelings for him...

If you went for this approach, the only risk you have is that he’s met someone else and you’ll make yourself look like a fool... to stop this from happening though, play your cards right - have a conversation with him first before telling him your feelings. You’re basically going to be throwing the ball on his court and seeing if he picks it up...

B) completely try forgetting about him. In the mean time, since you’re going uni, find a new person to talk to in order to distract yourself.

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