My family is annoying

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This is going to sound like a rant but ;

My older sister’s visiting from Uni and she keeps saying that I dont do **** and am useless when she forces me to do chores straight afterschool or when im revising. When I offer to do them during the weekend she doesnt lemme and says i dont do it properly.

My other sister keeps shouting and gets angry at me when I say something to her and claims that i’m “attacking “ her for no reason.

Yesterday My brother took his charger off me and didnt give it all day; now he needs one has asked my sister and shes refused so hes asked me again, and he always takes it off me , I said hes allowed until i’m done with some school work as I need to charge my phone for the morning. He couldn’t find it and neither could I, he started shouting at my sister, and then they had an argument, so I found mine eventually and went to give it, he started accusing me of lying and always taking stuff of him, when I dont.

Now my older sister’s saying stuff like “ you gave birth to the other two for no reason, all they bring is a mess” or something along those lines; “other two” insinuating my brother and me. And now since I have the darkest skin colour, whilst my sisters look “white” I just got called black as an insult im so tired of these lot I legit wanna kms, im so bloody tired of it all. I admit some of it is my fault i should just stay quiet but im really tired
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I can relate except I’m an only child and it be my parents. The only thing that’s really helped me cos I’m still at home is that no matter how **** or chaotic my environment is, I know where I want to be and who I am and whatever they say or think I am, it’s not my truth. When people act like that and say that and get defensive, it’s because they’re not really healed yet themselves. They’re not perfect and yeah neither are we but when people are argumentative it’s because they’re not happy. Sometimes being quiet just saves you stress, balancing it seems hard but it’s possible. Setting boundaries where we can even if we don’t tell anyone what the boundaries are can still work. I just look on the lighter side and I can’t fix the situation but I can fix how I perceive it. Just takes a lot of repetition but you’ll start to enjoy it and eventually love them even though they’re annoying af and still don’t want to change. Yeah you’ll get triggered but it’s not forever. We all need to learn patience and compassion it’s just long sometimes.

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